Before you see the light, you have to face the darkness

Its hard. Life is hard. Everything has a catch and you get so tangled up in it you think you can never find a way to get .. well… untangled.  People judge how easy your life is by how big your house is, how much money you have,  what kind of car you drive . But see, when in actuallity,  none of that even the slightest bit should matter . Just because someone has somewhat more money than their peers,  just means that they have more money than their peers . Everyone goes through great struggles in there life. Ive heard the saying ” Life is a beautiful struggle ” .. and I can understand where they are coming from,  but not where they are going with it. Some moments in your life are great and amazing because you pulled through from a struggle, but I mean, none of the struggle was beautiful. And I mean none. It sucked. It was dreadful. You probably think it was worse than anyone elses in the world and no matter how many times people say this they will never understand what you went through or are going through.. because they weren’t there,  and to be honest they aren’t YOU! It was hard. Life is hard. So lets just face it…
You know my story name.